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I am Vykintas from Customer Happiness Team. Eternal legacy along a happiness journey is my vision for life - following this direction every day from 5:00 am onwards. :)

Welcome to the Mindvalley community! We are thrilled to know that you joined us for this beautiful journey of mindful learning and growth and we are here to guide you to finally enter the realms of your brand new Mindvalley Account!

After you signed up for one of our courses, we send you an email right away with the subject line "Your Mindvalley Login Details".

If you cannot find this email, that might be for one of these reasons:

Spam box issues: It’s worth checking your junk folder as well. If you find our email there, all you need to do is to whitelist our email ID so that you won’t miss out on anything in the future!

You used another email address: If you use multiple email addresses, you might be checking another inbox?​​​​​​​

The transaction was unsuccessful: Please check your bank statement and in case the payment didn’t go through, just give it another try, or check out this Article!​​​​​​​

Your email address looks a bit funny: If you typed your email in a rush, maybe there is a typo in it which prevents our email to be delivered to you. In this case, Please shoot a mail to one of our rockstar Customer Happiness Agents by filling our Contact Form. Don’t worry, we don’t bite! Share with us the full name you signed up with and the correct email ID, and we will use our ninja skills to find your lost account so that you can start taking your course and skyrocket towards your dream!

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