In order to update your email address, go to your Mindvalley Account, and from the left side menu choose "My Profile" and click on "CHANGE EMAIL". A pop-up will prompt you to add the new email you want to use.

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Once you input and save the new email address, you will then have two options to choose:
1. The email re-sent ( An email will be sent out to the new email address the change to be complete )
2. Cancel the email change 

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What might go wrong when updating your email:

1. When you add an incorrect email address: you will have the following error "Please enter a valid email address".

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2.  The email address you are trying to use already exists in Mindvalley (you have already an account with that email address), hence you want to be able to change it: you will have the following error "This email belongs to another account".
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In this case, you can input an alternative email address if you have one.

If you don't have another email address that is not linked to any Mindvalley account and you want to merge your two accounts to have all your programs under one email address please read on this article how to request to merge your accounts.

If for any other reason you were not able to update it from your account, please reach out to us through this 
Contact Form. Make sure to include the information as follows and our happiness agents will help you:

  • Old email address account is associated to
  • New email address you would like to use for your account
  • Specify the steps you have taken and did not manage to update it
  • Attach the screenshot of the errors
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